The word "attack" in wine. What does it mean? The initial

Some love that word "attack" and it has so many different meanings and synonyms. It can be used in the "sword" sense but also in the "shield" sense when something comes on like an attack. 

So whether you are an "offensive type" (not in the pejorative type) or the "defensive type" (not to be confused with timid), in wine (like most definitions in wine"), it has it its own meaning. 


It is simple. But it is a sophisticated word to use whether you are just getting into the "wine game" and "wine vernacular", this is a word that you can use. 

If that wine comes on a little strong, you can say with the pinky finger up, of course, that this "wine has a strong attack". 

Obvioulsy, the opposite would certainly be the aftertaste. 

 (Humbly speaking, we got some nice love on that blog and many others. Very blessed and very graterful). 

Of course, between the attack and aftertaste is the middle! 

Or more sophisticatedly speaking, "Mid-Palate". Yes, we will be delving into that with a little more detail in our next blog. 

 Just a heads up because everyone likes notice (unless you just love crazy spontaneity), we are moving to a more low-interevention and biodynamic style of blogging. So you just said, "Excuse me!" We are going to blog live so you can follow along as we do it. 

Some stream of consciousness as we flow with knowledge and get insight along the way. 

And le'ts remember that attacking is only good is your attacking your issues. 

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