After the wine gala - it is the afterparty! After the taste - it is the aftertaste. What does it mean?

You know the word and you use it regularly: AFTERTASTE. Like, "Oh gosh, that is a weird aftertaste." (Yes, this was probably when you are in your "exploratory days" and those shot at the bar seemed like a good idea.) 

But now you are looking for sophisticated and complex aftertastes.

But first, what is it in wine? 

All about the length! The duration of time that a wine spends in your mouth once you’ve finished tasting. 

But when have I finished tasting? 

Well that varies for each person depending on duration of sip and consumption. 


Aftertaste is synonymized with: (1)length; (2); finish; or (3) end note.

So why do I see experts in wine "discarding of their wine" after sipping it at these high level events? 

Well, the taster then tastes the wine and "pulls" it around their palate in order to appreciate the tastes, flavors, tertiary aromas and its mouthfeel.

Depending on swallowing or discarding - it matters not for aftertaste. 

Wine is then swallowed or spat out and the finish and/or aftertaste is then noted.

Pensive looks? 

Yes, you will see the wine experts and master sommeliers often looking up like they are drawing upon their memory to determine where to categorize the taste. They are often doing what psychologists called, "tip of the tongue searching" which means you are drawing up the categories in your memory for where that taste fits. We are a collection of our experiences and it is why you have heard the phrase, "There is no substitute for experience". This is correct. But, presumably it depends on the types of experiences. 

What aftertastes do you like, love or have a "distaste" for? Feel fre to share anytime below or any social media platform. We are always forming new ideas and experiences and collaboration makes for richer experiences. 


One for the carnivores 

Earthy food lovers. Bison steak with the Earth and Sky. Roll the red wine with a bison steak and chanterelle mushrooms with this gem.   

One for Vegans 

 Oh the chocoholics who have that sweet tooth and love a sweet touch. Light and dry wines with that organic chocolate cake. Too much sugar - too much of a good thing!  


Stay enchanted and creative with the below: one earthy and one light! 

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