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Our loyal customer base is LOVING our customized AUCTIONS

How does it work? SIMPLE 

Here are the main points: 

  1. We set daily auctions for products that you can bid on;
  2. You MUST have an account. Please sign up for an account if you have not; 
  3. You place your bid for the auction based on your preferences; 
  4. The winner of the auction is the person (he, she or it) that has placed the highest bid at the close of auction end time; 
  5. You will be notified by email (the one you have in your account) that you have won the auction and a link to purchase the product; and 
  6. You are GUARANTEED that price for purchase! 


1. Why not just purchase in a customary way i.e. regular products and prices? 


You save. We always GUARANTEE that the auction price is lower than the listed price for product. You are always free to purchase at the regular price and the auction is ongoing. However, if you can wait 24 hours or less and are willing to see if your lower bid than the current product price wins, just sit back and watch. Or make another bid if you still love the price point? 

2. Why are we doing auctions? 

Well, they are fun and exciting for everyone. Most importantly, we realize times are tough for many during this pandemic so we are willing to extend savings to all of you subject to your personalized circumstances. 

If you have any questions, you can simply email us or chat on the live feature! We are always open to satisfy your needs and the bidding is always available for you and your friends and loved ones. 

Have fun and enjoy the extra cash in your wallet!

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