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Women In Wine 

A big trend we are seeing in 2020 is the rising stars of wine starting to get their accolades. From male dominated for years to female rise. And so it should be. Equality from every angle must be dissected as to what is on tap! 

From the Papas to the Grandpapas Hitting the Beach 

Yes, even rocking the umbrella ☔ when it is sunny because nothing protects the rays like that invention! 

Conscientious Consumers 

To consume or not to consume is not the question but it is how and what to consume? More information can sometimes lead to information overload (or TMI but not in that sense) but as you hone in - you figure out what you like and who you like to support. Boy (pardon the pun) ain't that the truth. 


Maude and Gwen 

Say what? What comes to mind? Cool movie with her and B. Pitt that had you feeling "pitless" dans l'estomac (aka in the stomach). Think the number between 6 and 8 (like SE7EN which had another actor in there that has really come under serious scrutiny and not so much of an "American Beauty" anymore - and it rhymes with "seven" and has a "space element to it"). Curl up with a glass of the below and escape into that movie! 

Ok Back to Maude Restaurant 


Check it out when are back in La La land! 

If you remember that band, then you are really on point and firing on all cylinders like a "Bran Van 3000" - what a cut to just turn off the mind with a glass of red. Escapism 

Drinking in L.A., a song by Bran Van 3000 on Spotify

The Som Says? 

Andrey Tolmachyov, Wine Director and Head Sommelier at Maude & Gwen is seeing the trends and focusing on women in wine because let's face it - they have been underrepresented! 

Women Only 

“I’ve been getting requests for wine experiences and programs that are only featuring women and women winemakers, which no one has ever asked me to do before and I think that’s really cool," says Chang. "That means that even in the corporate environment, everyone’s thinking about how to support businesses with high integrity.”


Enjoy these vineyards who have women that are the forefront of the winery and where it matters all around!  Andrey Tolmachyov, Wine Director and Head Sommelier at Maude & Gwen says the upsurge is not just an uptick but here to stay. By stay, we mean rise!

If You Did Not Know 


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