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Tech Life in A Bottle 

Not just pandemic panic buying but - time is worth a lot of moola so the less time you spend on the grind in the streets and the parking lot means that your career is NOT drying up through a closed tap.


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So, is the change here to stay? Most definitely but when restaurants and wine-bars fully reopen, then what gives? It is likely that connoisseurs will pick their time and vines with more diligence. So if you were store goer then you likely be a tech mover with a touchpad. 

But Why Has It Taken So Long? 

Well, change does not happen overnight but our wine does - check it out and check out with ease. 

But imagine when you started sending email off your phone and you were hesitant that it may work for you and you were spell checking 8 times to Sunday. Then the keyboard from Blackberry disappeared and you were no longer typing but using voice recognition software and so on. 


The Silver Lining 

Well, when it comes to health, there is no half glass half full when lives are lost so we cannot trivialize that aspect. That being said, we can learn from the past and getting through the storm. Better prepared - more efficient and more resilient. 

 Truth in a Bottle or a Phone

Changes like curbside pickup have made it more challenging to get in-person recommendations at the wine store - so smartphone apps and TRENDING BLOGS are on track to become an essential part of wine discovery.

Discover Through Reading 

Do you learn more reading a fun and exciting blog or grinding it out in the stores when you are already running late with a "slight itch" and worried about whether you are going to get jammed back in traffic? The former and not the latter. 

 Ok that is just a marathon race but think how many more marathons you would be running - albeit socially distancing - while you are running distance. 

Another Benefit of Online Ordering

Think about when you overdrank the last time you were in a traffic jam because your breathing was short and your heart was racing as you nearly got in a T-bone and your "T-bone steak 🥩" hit the roof of the car.

If you spend your time running (albeit it in a circle in the backyard or up and down your stairs), then you will learn to savour the wine! 





Save the Time Buy Wine Online 

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