Wine and Spirits | Why we do both | How to love both

Wine and Spirits

Some like it hot and some not. We all have different tastes. Some love the joy of that single malt while others love a double espresso with a little Baileys. No time to hate as life is too short. So instead of hate, then what? Well, congratulate. Order wine online here in Canada and let us do the work! 

Why we do both? 

 We do both on the resto and retail side. But, of course, we are little more heaven bent on wine. 

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How to love both 

Well, a little bit of mixing of wine and liquor has done wonders for some. Some are loving the alchemist game of mixing wine in with mixed drinks and vice versa. 

Yes, we are loving mixing it up and mixed cases from the Bay to L.A. - well more like from the Hudson's Bay to Thunder Bay but #wethenorth

And how about those Raptors down in the bubble? 

Getting those brooms out in round numero uno and they still the champs until they are beaten - and that is not going to happen in our humble opinion.

But we are not sport experts per se but we like to fashion ourselves as experts on the agency side. 

The Spirit of Wine 

All of our wines have their own spirit. Each selection we have brought to the table and to your table has been carefully selected.

We believe in quantity over quality. 

Of course, we could stat stuffing with low cost products that give you a mad hangover with all those sulfites and over-processing. 

Instead, we like to stay true to our spirit and we thank those who keep on coming back! 

And remember to sample and taste. Don't you just feel better after a few appetizers then stuffing down monster mains and ice cream. Variety always helps! 

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