Chat via LIVE CHAT - 24 hours a day | This is "crazy" - yes, well crazy good!

We have upped the ante. We had to look at what that even meant but apparently it is the increasing of intensity. Now, we are laid back when it comes to chatting. Here to help and help is on the way. However, we have found that the Live Chat - rain or shine - weekend or weekday - has had great benefits all around. We love guiding our customers and potential (everyone is entitled to a "sober second thought") ones about what we are offering, how the process works, and when they will be sipping. 

Yes, this is not so crazy! 

One chat away! 


We have all heard it, communication is the key to every relationship. And, yes getting your hands and new wine cork on the wine, is a "relationship". Let's not get all legal with it because we all cringe when we heard that aforementioned word. That being said, thanks to our partners in e-commerce and apps (short for applications), we get all the relevant data as to what you are seeking and how you are seeking it. 

It allows to recalibrate and determine how to best serve you. We are at your service on all fronts. 

And just to be clear (and yes, we have some amusing moments while respecting the unequivocal privacy of our extend loyal base), we are an agent with the LCBO and there is a process to ordering, fulfilling et al. We are not a midnight service when you are clamoring for that extra bottle. It is all about serving clientele on a way where we operating within our regulatory boundaries. We are not about "easy come and easy go" but securing relationships with suppliers that bring alcohol for those who can legally consume. 

Our goal is for you to  love (these blogs, of course) but love the products we sell and come back for more in a sophisticated way. 


Email, call or even chat for instant service. Right hand lower corner for a quick chat or a long one. We are "living the dream" and living the chat with whomever is available. 

Victory Wine | Free Shipping

Ah yes, discount for you. We are elevating and bolstering the Coup De Coeur because the love has been incredible with this red! 

Raise a glass

Yes, raise a glass to that! 



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