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Tough times out there. Tough times don't last but tough people do. Kind people as well. We know you are doing everything you can to make it through and we wanted to extend our special gratitude to those that have supported us during these challenging times. It won't be long until your sipping your favourite wine on a patio or with loved ones. 


We know that each order comes with an extra sense of worth to you during these times. 

So, we are doing our best to constantly evolve with the times and make our business and website more enjoyable. 

Even if it can be just a two minute breather and a "welcome distrcation", we hope we have done so. 

If not, we are all ears (yes we have two of them and just one mouth) so we  like to listen. 

As noted, we have used this time to realize the importance of bringing you wine that you love but from new parts of the globe. 

If we can't travel yet (or at least not with a special kind of "suit" with a little hazmat touch and some fresh "mouth gear"), then we will bring it to you in a contactless way. 


We love what we do and we know you are itching to get back to contribute with your sense of pride with your business or career. Yes, it is a Canadian thing but certainly, we feel that our winery partners embody those principles as well. Yes, we all need a little rest from time to recharge those "batteries" (does anyone use batteries anymore - lithium ones?) but we will 


We are all in the instant gratification era so we have done our best to make the site more interactive so we are offering discounts for any person who posts a positive (or at least constructive comment on each blog post). So just post with your email and we send you a discount code right to you. 

Yes, not some generic code but it has your name on it! It is not just some "app" or "bot" or some "repost" because we know that ordering wine online is new to some and old hat for others. But you want to know that it is not some "Amazonian" or "sea of rainforest workers who are plotting against the man". Nope, we are working with you to make it happen! 


We all feel like this, don't we? YUP! 

Victory Wine - All the TIME!

No "rat races" here but there is enough "cheese" to around and certainly we will have some 

COMING SOON! Patience is a virtue but so is supporting each other. So from us to you! 

It pays to read so here is a discount code of 13 dollars off on your wine today! Available until midnight! 

What, yes you do! 

Victory Wine Free Shipping


Yes, you are always "rolling in the deep" (Adele reference in case you were rolling too fast and she is in that slick car - nice whip!) 

Where is my discount code? 


But this is my first time on a computer (we get it - we all got loved ones and seniors we miss and love) so just click it and it is automatically embedded (added to your order). 


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