What makes a full bodied white wine? Wine Online Near Me

Full Bodied White Wines 

People are searching and yearning for the distinctions between the full bodied whites and not so full bodied. What is the difference and why you should roll with less body versus full body. 

What are they? 

Full-bodied white wines have a higher alcohol content. Like what? 13.5% or more with a little more complex! Like what you ask? Oaked Chardonnay, Viognier, and Muscat. These wines pair well with rich, buttery foods, like lobster, as well as smoky flavors and pungent fromage 

Looking for Less Body in Your Wine 

Firstly, what is it? Or what are they? 

Light-bodied white wines hover around 12.5% alcohol or less. These include Pinot Grigio, sweet Riesling, and Sauvingnon Blanc. They pair well with seafood, grilled white meat fishes, sushi, and Mexican food. Light white wines also make refreshing sangrias.

Where to Buy Them 

Here obviously. A silly rhetorical question, right? Yes, we will we asked it so we take the heat! 

How to Purchase 

Well, we got the covered with ease for you. Right here. A little less body in your wine and a little more fun with the body and shape.

Shape is everything when it comes to the new you! 

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