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That is the question. Delving deep into the analytics, we are getting a lot of hits and clicks in this domain. Well, to be crazy technical, we are getting a lot of search terms in this regard so we thought we would drop a blog on it to bring us closer together with some knowledge. 

Hobnob - what does it mean? 

It has deep origins. Origin18th Centurytwo people or more drinking to each other through the clinking of glasses and rubbing of elbows in toast and celebration. To associate familiarly: chum around. An informal sociable meeting or get together: a gathering/party hybrid. The perfect wine for successfully accomplishing all of the above with style.

How to Distinguish Wines 

Well, you can check our other blogs on how to distingusih wine. 

 Why Natural Wines Are Here to Stay 

Well, there are great to hob-nob with! The name hob-nob comes from the verb to hob nob, meaning to mix socially, generally with people of a higher class. Therefore, people "hobnob" over tea or a biscuit. 

But if you are less of a carb person and more a wine and dine kind of person, you can HOB-NOB with us - even in virtual form

 Why Buy Here 

Well, we roll up our sleeves to deliver to you all around the GTA and Ontario. We hustle hard and realize that your money matters to you and your family. So we make it free shipping across the board. While we may lose a nickel here and there, we know we are gaining an extended member of our family. 

Hob-Nob with these and have fun with it too. Don't take hob-nobbing too seriously! 


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