Victory Wine featured in National Post | Get My Wine Delivered

A little snippet from our National Post "post" showing us a little love! Since it is our material, we are "plagiarizing ourselves" so do we need to use quotes? Hmmm...not sure on that one. We will have to contact one of our English teachers on that one! 

Moving it along 

Victory Wine and Spirits Inc. Victory Wine and Spirits Inc. has a decade of satisfying the premier Ontario restaurants and legal alcohol sippers with biodynamic wine from its globally coveted wine portfolio. Victory has transformed your wine shopping experience from lengthy lines to liberated libation with free shipping and contactless home delivery!

Proud to be teaming up with them. Founded in 1998, it has made incredible stride to not just a national newspaper but one that has global appeal! 

We also learned about some local breweries, groceries stores, and food manufacturers. Always interesting learning about new friends and businesses that are striving to make it through these challenging times with a smile on their face! 

 A short but sweet post for Saturday! Variety is the spice of life. 


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