The resurgence of the "wine guy" | Drink smarter | Sip Sophisticatedly

It is a great time to be a wine guy and make the move away from that heavy caloric beer than just bloats you. Yes, it may come across a little weird when you get back to "beer league softball" but you can "blame the pandemic" for needing more space in the fridge and not being able to squeeze a case in the fridge! 

You then come out on the other side as a wine drinker and not needing all those wings to make yourself feel normal. 

Your belly will thank you and you will be seeing alcohol in a different light! 

What is a WINE GUY? 

Have the confidence and vernacular to tell a trained professional what one likes to imbibe rather than relying on adjectives your parents were throwing around at East Side Marios back in the day! (Is that place sitill around?) 


Yes don't overthink it. You are not going to be a master sommelier so keep that in check. However, you want to know enough to have drinks with some of the women in your life without feeling like you are out of your depth and back at the ball park! 

“Ultimately sniffing is just smelling” and “Body is how the wine feels in your mouth.” 

So remember to check out the other blogs on the site and focus on those natural wines so you are not paying the price the next day. Once you get into the natural wine game, you are going to not see drinking as "getting drunk" but rather loving how wine compliments your life.

And if your beer drinking buds make fun of you, while they are wolfing down hot dogs like Joey Chestnut and having a hard time seeing their feet, then you can simply retort, "I am watching my salt and sulfite intake!" 

Take it in. Breathe it in. Enjoy not giving up drinking while doing it in a sophisticated way!  

And remember that Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony have their own wine club. More on that in the next blog! 

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