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Salivation Central! A little play on words with some double entrendre! Apparently, this phrase means that one part of the meaning is banal while the other is a little risky. Nothing risky here (perhaps the peppers in the tacos for those not acclimated to the world of spice) but some more information flow to faciliating your sophisticated sipping! 


You are missing the dream of sitting outside your fave Mex resto and getting your shine on with some chip and extra guac and salivating for those tacos. Which ones to choose? So much creativity! So many fusion elements.

And then more quasi-panic because what pairs well with it from an alcohol perspective. You were feeling a little melancholy after that "salad bowl" was not for salad but for your lime margarita last time. Ok, no blues this time. Focus on the food and what wine pairs well with your tacos. 


At its core, it has ingredients like corn, beans, chilies, and well cooked meats. Yes, this is not popping into Miku for your power raw fish combo with single malt scotch! However, it is Tuesday so perhaps that is more for Friday night when you can unwind a little when the "new normal" comes back in black like ACDC in their prime. 


Yes, a hot mover and that definitely goes with red. Enough said! High quality meat if you are that carnivore and please don't tell us you are still eating at Taco Bell. Come on now, we respect every one's right to run a biz and make paper but that was hopefully high school and only a late night meal on a dare! 

Let's continue to delineate and demarcate: 


Keep the mid range game red going. A little like a young Kawhi  Leonard (remember him) at the top of the key. Calm and poised with sans emotion. 


Rolling with the aforementioned. Remember that garlic is an incredible anti-inflammatory so if you are feeling the pain of those years of sports, add a little extra but remember to have the gum, mouthwash and a jumbo size of toothpaste in your inner coat pocket or new purse. This is, of course, if you are looking to bolster that connection with that special someone! If you are a more a lone wolf, then we will leave that to you! 


Rolling out the b-ball comparison, a little Siakam style for your tacos, think more like a ROSE with that accent aigu. Stya lean and long like Siakam with this combo! 


Light bodied whites so you can stay  lean and get back to the new online courses or business you are running so you are independent man or woman or any gender. We don't discriminate, we just bring the blogs to regulate the flow of info.


Yes, you did it - thanks to the COVID-19 measures - by not grabbing that massive cinanmon sticky bun with your extra syurpy coffee in the a.m. Now you can just have the spice without needing to take a nap after just waking up! . Again, whites and rosé dovetail splendidly with this combo! 

Ok now you are rolling in the deep like a young Adele and my goodness, her body transformation is something else! But why all the hating? Perhaps, they are not enjoying those tacos the right way; the sophisticated sipping way. Who knows? Only positive vibes here. 

Enough references and ideas here to keep us busy to make the world at a better place; at least, the wine world and the Raptors whenever they roar back. #stillchamps #thelarryob 

Oh yes, last but not least, if you are an authentic Mexican resto that has real habaneros, sample them! 

Several studies show that the capsaicin in habanero peppers boosts the body’s fat burning rate.


One study in rats found it does this partially by stimulating proteins that break down fat, and inhibiting ones that store it. Rats that were fed a high-fat diet plus capsaicin lost 8% more weight than rats receiving the same diet minus the capsaicin in habanero peppers. 

We know your loyal to the core but it means you will crave less cheese and focus on the spicy selections with your wine compliments.

Without further ado, we bring you the selection and hopefully we got a little Pavlov's dogs type thing going where we are all salivating a little more and yearning for a better us! 

We got some of the Coup De Coeur and some other hot sellers! 


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