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So this no carb thing had some steam and it ebbs and flows. We are not here to espouse your virtues or press on you about health. However, how can we have those tasty dishes without battling the bulge? 


Avoid the yolk because we know you are having a few too (many?) with that six egg omelet brunch. You can save it and substitute a little bit of flour and some lean cheese with it. Go with the organic! 

Also, if you are a meat lover, keep it lean with an organic pancetta and trim that fat so you don't carry it! 

But why no yolk? 

Well, some love it and some do not. We have all heard it, "How do you like your eggs!?" Well, traditional and conventional carbonarra is done with raw eggs. Yes, they get cooked but that is just a little too much (or too little) for some! 


  1. TEMPERATURE: Heat up wok and pour olive oil to warm up.
  2. CHOP CHOP: Put chopped garlic, chopped onion and bacon into pan and fry to desired doneness. Alternatively, you may like to grill them in the oven too.
  3. DELINEATE: In a separate saucepan, cook pasta in pot of water.
  4. Using a separate saucepan, turn on medium flame and melt butter.
  5. FRESH: Once the butter has completely melted, pour 3/4 box of fresh milk into saucepan and stir to mix.
  6. DISSOLUTION: When thoroughly mixed, the sauce would be cream coloured. Add plain flour and mix till dissolved. Add grated cheese into saucepan, and adjust the amount for achieve the desired consistency for sauce and taste. If it’s too salty, add more fresh milk. If it’s on the bland side, add more cheese. DO NOT ADD WATER as that would dilute the cream sauce.
  7. CHECK IT DEEP: Check on bacon to see if they are at a desired doneness. Once ready, add the bacon into the cream sauce and stir to mix evenly. This step is optional is you prefer the cream sauce and bacon to be separate.


Trying it with shitake or enoki mushrooms and keep that heat super high so they are crispy and soak up some of that garlic! 


After you had the first few bites of this healthy mix, we suggest pairing with these wines! 




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