Snowbird but can't fly right now? For French value - go SOUTH - figuratively!

Unsurpassed French Wine 

Ok, so why the big titles off the top? Well, that is just because it gets you here quicker. In the SEO world, it is just an H1 tag and it means that a search engine is going to crawl us a little better and get you better wine. 


You bet. But you don't bet unless you are rocking the auction on the site here. So you love French wine but you are underwhelmed and out of the cash flow while the government loans aren't flowing like they should. You are waiting anxiously to know when you are being called back to work and what you can do next. So you are picking up hobbies but you can't be drinking the same old malt and yeast that is giving you some headache action leading to a bunch of inaction. 


Yes, it exists and we got it for you. 

We are showing love to two of the best in their respective fields in Ms. Jancis Robinson and Ms. Brigitte Chevalier. 

Yes, that hyperlink has us dialing it back to 2017. 

A real sense of space - she says.

Check this quote:

"Brigitte Chevalier abandoned her career exporting bordeaux to establish Domaine de Cébène in the distinctive Faugères appellation in the northern Languedoc. Like all these producers, she has been fastidious in producing recognisably differentiated, locally expressive wines with a real sense of place."

So if like often going with a winemaker, who you feel that you share characteristics with, then if you are a trendsetter and ambitious with your life goals, then this one could be, inter alia, a collection for that cellar or mantle. 

Already flying off the shelves to the various points of this vast province and into the top licensees! 

So whether you are showing love here or in the restaurants, imbibe on the language and wine at the same time. Contemporaneously, we are say. 

Express yourself in a way that symbolizes you. It starts with a little food and drink - emphasis on a little - or at least for us that is the case because we can all be a little guilty being too indoors and too close to that thing that is always running that keeps some things cool and others frozen. 

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