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Signs of an all star bartender | Get Wine Online | Contact Free Delivery

Contact free delivery? Contactless delivery? What is the correct phrase, word or double barrelled word here? Ah so confusing. Well, it is not confusing shopping with us. We even have our beloved seniors saying to us, "So easy and I am getting more comfortable with this 'onling thing'!" Yes, the online thing! Let's always remember that our seniors used to pay with "cheques". Yes, a paper document 

But one thing that seniors do know is that of a good bartended. Probably better than us! 


Yes, we saw the sign like a young Ace of Base! Bringing it back but not quite the senior days as that was the 80's right. And all that "she wants is another baby". Good thing that your seniors wanted another baby or you wouldn't be reading this one! 


 Yes, great bartended are amazing under pressure. It is mad stressful because they are often dealing with "stressed out clients" like us! They are dealing with people need a brief reprieve from the daily grind. This is especially true when we are sitting in the new climate from sitting at home and yearning for the days of a yesteryear! 


Kind of like courting that special someone. A little too "hands on" and a little too attentive makes them not wondering if these is any esoteric nature to you. Leave it a little to the imagination. 

And ignorance is not bliss. This is not a buddhist monk retreat (but Tibet can be beautiful this time of the year and certainly give it a shot if you need to clear the mind before your next imbibe). Variety is the spice of your life! 


And yes, if you are a senor or a senorita, a great margarita is the sign of a great bartender. Just the correct amount of the rock salt, not too syrupy and the correct tequilla. 

You will know that you have a great alchemist mixing that drink that leaves you fresh and having dipped into different areas of your brain and remembering an intellectually driven conversation. 


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