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Selfie Bars, what are they? Profoundly different. They are an open space photo booth that provides high quality photos/videos, digital frames, and green screen backgrounds. You’ll receive instant access to photos via text/email and can immediately share with others! It’s the perfect guest at your event.

So why are they happening? 

Well, you get some virtual action where you can brand your business and work in the virtual world. 


In addition to eye-popping pop-ups, we can expect bar and resto design to include more distinct themes and styles to lure you in. 


Yes, there are some "gun-shy" times in various parts of the world.

Expect bar design to include more touches like mirrored entryways and whimsical restrooms to encourage snaps. And who knows? Maybe whole IG-themed classes and lives with virtual eating.

Well, hopefully not because human interaction is such an integral part of experiencing not just wine and food. 

So, we just got to get by in order to bide and buy our new time and new lives.

There will be positives and that is not "happy talk"! It is about talking our way through problems by being creative and different. 

And we are not touching some of these SPACEX issues with a ten foot pole. 

Well, you get the drift. 

Anything you are loving in learning online? Honed new skills? What makes this different life more challenging but more rewarding? 

For the business owners and operators, what have you done differently? Maybe less selfie time and more focus on "crunch-time!?" 

Sure! Less wasted time now means more "good wasted time" when retired. Because nothing wrong with no day job if your job is preparing for night time fun with some bank account freedom.

We know times are tough so just use vic11 for $11 off.



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