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Who loves aging? Well, very few. Who loves anti-aging or delaying the aging process? Hard to imagine who does not. Well, if you love red wine and anti-aging, you may be in luck! 

How so, you ask? 


Some of us at Victory were fascinated by Dr. David Sinclair and his research in the area of anti-aging. Who is he? David Andrew Sinclair AO is an Australian biologist and professor of genetics best known for his advocacy for resveratrol as an anti-aging dietary supplement and potential medication. He works at Harvard; more specifically, Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School. 

He has published some excellent works and has an unrivaled focus on anti-aging and longevity! 


Well, the definition you may know and this is NOT a trick question. 

Dr. Sinclair views as follows: 

  1. NOT just about extending our lifespan by the numbers but it’s about improving our quality of life at these older ages; and 
  2. “One misconception is that research like mine will keep people in nursing homes for longer because they imagine what it’s like to be ninety. But what we’re talking about is actually keeping people younger for longer so they will not have to go into nursing homes,” he shares. “People aren’t scared of getting old. They’re scared of losing their health, and their humanity.”


Drum more plants AND 

“There’s a set of longevity genes that are helpful when you don’t have a lot of meat,” Dr. Sinclair explains. For example, a longevity pathway called nTor is sensitive to the number of amino acids that come into the body. In particular, to some of the branched-chain amino acids that are more abundant in animal products.

“What’s good about having low levels of branched-chain amino acids is, first of all, you’ll probably be less hungry. But second of all, you’ll turn on those nTor defensive pathways that, at least in the lab, extends lifespan of animals quite dramatically—even late in life when it’s applied.”

Plants have another resiliency benefit. “They make molecules that turn on their own defenses,” he shares.


“The best example is resveratrol in grapes. We bottle that in red wine and we’ve found resveratrol activates a particular longevity pathway in the body. That’s in part why we think red wine over the long run can be healthy.”

Naturally, moderation is key. But if you think you are being healthy having that craft beer with chicken wings, you are a little off base (for health reasons of course) and may want to switch to some grilled vegetables and a glass of red wine. Your body will thank you and you will be able to see more of the world when you are "retired from work". You can enjoy "retirement " "longer" and sample the red wines at some of the wineries we partner with on a global basis! 

But in the interim, you can sample them from the below and enjoy the health benefits! 


Sample some of our red wines (of course, in moderation) to get yourself on the right track and moving at the right velocity on those tracks! 

We highly recommend the COUP DE COEUR RED WINE 

Please always remember to drink legally and responsibly! 

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