Prince Charles keeping the Aston Classy | Ampeloeis Silver | Red Wine

Dedicated to the environment and love wine? 

Well, then you will love the Victory portfolio which focuses on biodynamic and low intervention wines! 

You will certainly be intrigued by this story! 


There has been so much ugly news about the Royal Family so we are focusing a little more on the positive! From Harry and Megan Markle "leaving the family" to the utter disgust and dismay of the connectoin between Prince 


Prince Charles is perhaps one of the most unlikely motorheads you'll ever come across. The heir to the throne is a well-known environmentalist, but also reportedly owns over 100 cars. Rather, paradoxical if you will! 


One of which is an Aston Martin DB6 Volante which is powered by surplus wine. The car is probably the most famous of those belonging to his royal highness and played a major part in the 2011 wedding of his son Prince William and Kate Middleton.


He was "spilling the grapes" as the Prince of Wales has revealed how the wine-powered AM came into being! 

"They discovered they could run it on surplus English white wine, but also I hadn’t realized that they had mixed whey into it too," the Prince said.

"The engineers at Aston said, 'Oh, it’ll ruin the whole thing'," he continued. "I said, 'Well I won’t drive it then', so they got on with it and now they admit that it runs better and is more powerful on that fuel than it is on petrol."


Red red wine. Stay close to me! And let's remember whether you are "ROYAL" or not, let's stay close to our family...when the social distancing - distances itself! 

Nothing like home! 

Feel at home with this one! 

Hot seller for Victory is the AMPELOEIS SILVER. Sample it and roll like a smooth running red wine Aston Martin! 



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