"One Pan" Or "Une Casserole" Pasta for Summer Vibes. Pair with French Wine

French Wine Food Pairings 

So not quite pasta but orzo! Keeping it vegan so you are still rolling with those summer vibes in the Fall. 

Organic with Organic 

When you are rolling with organic wine (certified that is) you will notice the difference immediately and thereafter. Your body will thank you! 

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What you need? 

Here it is in enumerated form even though you are only using: 

  1. Orzo; 
  2. Some broth (or some wine); 
  3. Feta; 
  4. Spinach;
  5. Scallions;
  6. Garlic; 

Some Greek Inspiration

Dill, Spinach and Feta together to bring it together. Think risotto without the stirring. 

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  1. Sautee the scallions, garlic, 
  2. Mix in Parsley with fresh mint; 
  3. Orzo simmers and softens in that heady liquid, it absorbs the broth’s flavors and releases some starch to thicken it; and 
  4. stir in the feta with some peas. 
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Where is the TIE? Where is the Bow? 

You want those herbal note to round out the mineral intensity of the spinach.

Yes, nothing like the minerality of these wines from Domaine De Cebene! 

You will have this done all in jiff against the back drop of world class "schist". 


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