New Collection alert - DOMAINE DE CÉBÈNE - En route to YOU!

So welcome back to you and us. So, we have been laying low lately because you have been keeping us busy and good things come to those that wait. Frankly, you have been keeping us busy on all fronts. Everything ins an opportunity and we often forget how large Ontario is from the land and population standpoint. Those private couriers are racking up the miles to your homes and bringing the world to your doorsteps! 


Moreover, we have wanted to wait for the right time to update you on our newest release so we could bring you some fresh new blogs on topic with how this winery has risen to international acclaim. As always, we focus on quality over quantity! We are sure that you have heard it but now you can get your hands on it! 


We are extraordinarily enthusiastic to kindly bring to your attention that we are the exclusive agent in Ontario for DOMAINE DE CÉBÈNE! 

It is en route here to the ports and then going through the regular processes of testing by the most competent professionals with the LCBO. God willing - we should have this in your hands in relatively short order! 


So what separates this winery from the rest of them? And why are we fortunate to be partnering with this exquisitely professional winery and their world renowned wine maker, Ms. Brigitte Chevalier? 

Well, we will just commence with a few of the amazingly inspirational and complimentary reviews regarding Ms. Chevalier and her winery: 

Amber LeBeau, from, published yesterday a wonderful review of Felgaria 2016 by @DOMAINE_CEBENE on her website on @SpitbucketBlog


A concise video in which winemaker Ms. Brigitte Chevalier explains how the colour of her schist soils inspired her labels @VinsAOPFaugeres Bordeaux's loss is Languedoc's gain…

And who does not love ideas for wine and cheese when they are coming from the mecca of this area - FRANCE! 


A little note on pre-orders. These will be selling fast so if you want to secure your pre-order, please email or send a note in the chat feature about which products you want to order. 


These wines are certified organic - not just ones that claim to be - registered and approved as Certified Organic

More to come but a little apéritif before the main course blogs roll out to your doorstep! 

And what does apéritif mean? And where did it come from? 

From the late 19th century: from French apéritif, from medieval Latin aperitivus, based on Latin aperire ‘to open’.

We are going to open up the "playbook" for you so you can mix and match with the best from DOMAINE DE CÉBÈNE! 

See you next time and pre-orders are already coming in so make sure to secure your place in the line! Sure, there will be more shipments but why miss the opportunity? 


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