Mixed cases are here! Takes only "TWO TO TANG" | Buy Mixed Wine Cases Online

No time like the present and what a present from our governmental body to us agents and to you. The gift that keeps on giving. As always, we are proud to be an agent for our wonderful suppliers and working with the largest purchaser of alcohol in the world. Yes, you heard it right - only the largest! 

We are now allowed to sell mixed cases so we will keep it to the point so you can enjoy this new found glory! 


Buy Victory Wine Online

What does it mean? 

Buy Wine Online

It means we can sell to you - MIXED CASES in minimums of two. Yes, two is a "mix" and you can select any of our (and your favourites) in any quantity as long as you get to the "mighty two". 

Yes, it takes two to tango! 

See the source image

We are naturally recommending some of our best sellers in tandem, trio, quattro, and cinco! 

Buy Victory Wine

Yes, you can celebrate like it is Cinco de Mayo but within reason friends! So go nuts on the guac - and yes you can order that extra guacamole because you don't have to buy cases of 12! 

So, again, it is all about responsibility and giving thanks! 

We are thankful and hope you are "two"! 

Where do I get them? 




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