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Toronto Raptors

Got to show love and not be a fair weather fan. This team, #inthesix Raptors, gave this city and province (and country for that matter so much joy), last year but also this year. While "losing" a top talent, they only continued to grow and mature as a team.

Learning From Losses

Isn't that the truth? Not how many times you get knocked down but how many times you get back up and know how to correct it the next time.


Many of these players know what a tough life is like coming from a "concrete jungle" and represent nothing but the hustle and struggle. You never heard a complaint or any "whining" from them. Pure class all the way. They made a sacrifice to live in that bubble and continue to bring joy to their hometown fans. While it is never easy to see a loss, we have to show love to all that they have done.


Well, many of them can come home and sample some of the best wine. Were they allowed to have wine in the bubble? Who knows but we know the answer now. What a run from last year to now. From the shot heard around the world from OG.

NBA playoffs had the best payoffs with the virtual fans and keeping it fun and free from the bench!


Hopefully, we learned what has made this team so successful and we can bring it to our lives in every sense of the word. You have players from all across the globe and they are so tight knit. They will be back for more. Oh yes and diversity with wines is a must!

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And, of course, congratulations to the Celtics and how they played throughout. It is a Canadian thing, eh? Being gracious in victory and defeat. Easy to be classy when you are winning but showing love in defeat can feel bitter sweet but it should be a natural move. Whether it is double overtime to buzzer beaters, you are going to love the beat we are rolling with!

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Oh yes oh yes. Some say they are organic but are they really? Make sure you are reading the fine print and whether it is actually certified by a qualified governmental body.

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With Cebene, it is! Certified.

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Yes, nothing but the most secure in the game. Keep your privacy tight and your sharing nice and open. Yes, sharing is caring with wine.

Got questions? We love answering them. Shoot us a line and we will hit you back you with some "free throws" and advice.

And we love expressing gratitude for your support. Remember that by supporting us, you are supporting the global economy. It is a small world after all!

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