Longitude and Latitude - North to South! The crème de la crème of French Wineries - coming soon!

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Remember these words from science class: longitude and latitude. Or you are rolling as an Air Canada pilot and seeing the world (when we get back to the new normal!) so you know exactly what we are chatting about.


Right off the top (literally) - we have noticed that many great vineyards are planted (well - not the vineyard itself but where the grapes are planted) at similar latitudes of 30 to 50 degrees south and 30 to 50 degrees north. Obviously, there are always exception to the rule. Always an exception - yes, is that a rule? Sure, why not. Well, if you are going along with the smile and the cotton candy (any wines with that in them?) at the carnival, then it works.

However, if you are ever saddled with the privilege of owning a winery and operate, it is a huge undertaking. Yes, you need to know science so if you are passing notes in the back during those classes at any level, probably best to stick to what you are best at. No judgments. Different strokes for different folks. As Shakespeare once said and we are paraphrasing, "Nothing is neither good nor bad but only thinking makes it so!" 


Yes, longitude are those long lines. Latitude are those ones going horizontal or "sideways" if you prefer. 


Drum roll please...

Every location along either 45th parallel will experience the same angle of the sun. If you have the same angle, you guessed it - same length of day. 

Vintners (yes interesting spelling on that one)  will have to consider many other factors but this is a starting point for consistency. 

But what is that 45th parallel again? 

Magic - well magical line. It is situated halfway between the equator and the North Pole. Many great vineyards are situated and "angled like that" in the Northern Hemisphere.

#wethenorth are still the champs (Yes, until anyone can detrhone the Toronto Raptors, we are still holding that title - or as Kawhi called it the Larry O.B. Yes, we have learned through our loyal following that if we throw a little basketball reference and some #inthesix type reference it does wonders for you finding out what we are all about. One percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration is our motto. We know you work hard for your daily bread and your family so we attempt to bring a little fun to the world of wine so there is a sip for everyone) 


So you are asking, how does this all work in the South? 

In the Southern Hemisphere it's not quite as distinguished.  It runs smack-dab through the middle of New Zealand's Central Otago wine region and somewhat near wine regions in Argentina and Chile.


It is why you hear about so amazing wineries in France. 

Just to wet your beak a little, we have some extraordinaly highly rated wines coming in from France in the very near future. We are very proud to announce a partnership with the premier winery in France that focuses on biodynamic, low intervention and sustainable practices. 

Let's just say their focus is on making Wines from the "North but in the South"! 

As we said, there are no hard and fast rules! 

In the interim, you can sample on these others wines until we add a little French to your ever evolving game! You asked for a premier French wine, which has those characteristics, and we listened. And soon we will be delivering to your door. Thanks for your loyalty and stay tuned! 

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