Jancis Robinson extolling the superb exquisite wine making of Brigitte Chevalier!

Jancis Robinson Financial Times

Jancis Robinson continue to sing the praises of Brigitte Chevalier of Domaine de Cébène from a winemaking perspective to her first rate character and commitment to excellence. In a recent article in the Financial Times, Ms. Robinson gave her objective view of everything from how Ms. Chevalier has excelled against all odds while maintaining her unwavering commitment to her core values. 

August 29, 2020 Article 

Yes, keeping it recent and we are proud to sharing some of the spotlight and highlights from this article with you. Jancis Robinson took time to visit the Domaine de Cébène winery in a "socially distanced visit" this summer. 

What makes Domaine de Cébène superb? 

Handmade, terroir-dictated wine that has been increasing in its prominence and taste wherein Chevalier’s own custom-built cellar dug out of an isolated hill . But what is that important? Well, it is compared to rather than in cramped rented space in a nearby village. She stayed true to her style and it has benefited her in the short term and long term!

Why not increase the prices? 

Jancis queried whether Brigitte had increased her prices to which she received a "frown" and an emphatic "no". We glean that while many love the notion of just increasing prices for the sake of prices, Chevalier has stayed true to what she cares about most in her core values. 

What was the reason?  

Well, as noted in the article, the  Languedoc is the most extensive region in France. Well, extensive means different things in different areas. 

So when you are looking for a high quality french wine that has the correct value ascribed to and not some overpriced wine that is living off "press clippings" of yesteryear, you have come to the right place. 

We have been able to secure this incredible connection this winery and are proud to announce that it is almost here after making the trek from France to Canada. We will have an update shortly of when you can get your hands on it and enjoy the benefits of this unparalleled wine experience.

Let's be blunt, when Jancis Robinson is espousing her views in this fashion (and not the first time), you have got a winner. 

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