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Is there humour in wine? Well, yes and no. No joke. It is the difference between laughing with versus laughing at. The latter is just so oh so unsophisticated, right? Who likes being laughed at? Well, masochists, perhaps. Bold. Daring types who do not fear risk and the outcome. Yes, the profoundly transformative ones. But, come on - we like to laugh and have fun. Of course, a little jab here or two in the figurative sense amongst friends can achieve a collective laugh. 

But what about humouring a wine? 

Yes, making fun of an inanimate object can be fun for a cheap laugh. 

But what about wine? It is not a human per se but natural and biodynamic wine has a living element to it. 

So what are we getting at it in the most serious of sense? 


Swirling is synonymous with swirling it. We have traversed that landscape on the regular in previous blogs. 

So why the extension of this one? 

Well, giving you a little more sag in your swag and pep in your step at the next wine step and function. 

So how to use it? 

Well, that is elementary. Just drop it in the most nonchalant way that you are merely "humouring" (or humoring if you are in the USA - yikes right now so probably stay on this side of the 49th parallel). 

Lay low on the snoberry and just throw in some humour because remember the saying, "There is a lot of truth in jokes!" So what you are saying is serious but with a hint of something behind it. Kind of like a great glass of wine, right? 

Ah yes. Class and the "wine stare"! 

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Feel free to divulge some knowledge about glass corks as well! 

Let's lay low on sarcasm or should we because Oscar Wilde once said, "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.”

Oscar Wilde


Buy Wine Online. Skip the line. 

Don't Drive. Just Buy. 

Never stale and always fresher than a farm bunch of the best kale. we mix it up for your tastes. Swirl and remember to laugh at the world!

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