Restaurants adapting to COVID during cooler weather?

Dining in a Bubble 

We have been hearing about how restaurants are adapting to the new world under the pandemic. One of the creative ideas has been dining bubbles. Heard of them? Used them? Tried them? 

What are dining bubbles? 

These glass dome structures (dinning bubbles) are an innovative way for restaurants to adhere to physical distancing measures and whereby patrons can feel a sense of ease when dinning out away from their desired group. Dining bubbles offer a unique and whimsical dinning experience, whereby patrons can enjoy a night out while not being inflicted by cooler weather.

Dining bubbles offer a wonderful alternative; however, practicality remains an obstacle. The majority of restaurants are tight for space as is, so how would that work in a city like Toronto? Yes, it is fast paced and a blossoming cosmopolitan! 

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Should the city offer alternative spaces to restaurants to accommodate like alternatives?

Simply speaking, even if the city assisted with alternative spaces it would not be fair to have such expectations upon our local restaurants as such dinning alternatives are short-term investments, lack practicality in densely populated regions and are expensive expenditures. 

What can restaurants do in cooler weather?

Perhaps, simplicity is the way to go? Why not accept a new dinning experience and adapt to a Norwegian style of dinning out during colder weather?

The Toronto Christmas Market has been able a successful outdoor event in the city for years.

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No matter what you celebrate people from all walks of life enjoy this whimsical and heart-warming event in the city. Notably, the Christmas market has been able to successfully establish an outdoor patio space encompassed with heaters. This has allowed patrons to stay warm and enjoy their dinning experience in a fun and alternative way while soaking up the festive ambiance. Could this be the new norm? Maybe we really need to think about dinning out in a new way.

 Why restaurants and patrons need to adapt for greater good? 

We are resilient and this pandemic continues to prove that. We continue to navigate hardship which has ejected our survival instincts whereby adaptation has become part of our routine.

As we continue to navigate through this unprecedented time in our history and we face the inevitable cooler weather, we must remember to be open to alternative methods of dinning out to support of local restaurants. Why not embrace a alternative style of dinning outside with heaters that shields us from the cold while we admire the feuille morte of fall or the sprinkling snowflakes mother nature blankets us with?

We should embrace the unpredictable pictorial of nature as we stay cozy under heaters, enjoy our restaurants with a glass of wine. Why not embrace the yearly notion that we can wine and dine outside? If we alter our dinning mentality not only can we continue to support local businesses, but we can also later evoke nostalgic odes synced with our adaptability. Why shouldn’t look back at this chapter in our lives and create profound memories accompanied with new and innovative new dinning experiences.

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