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Need a quick tip? Living the alkaline dream and want to know if a wine is acidic but all that reading is giving you a headache so you need a glass apres all that reading? Yup.

Leave the headaches to us! 

We will sift and sniff through the materials so you can get a "quick hitter" and knock it out of the park! 


Here they are in point form: 

  1. Swallow a sip of the wine and then tilt your head downward; BUT
  2. HOLD your  mouth open!

How will it feel?

If you feel as though the drool is coming, then it is HIGHER acidity! 


No, not the kicks (aka shoes!). 

The converse is true. If you feel less like a baby about to drool, then you get a less acidic wine and a little more alkaline! 

Do a little downward dog in the a.m. to get the blood flowing and the mind clear and look forward to moving through the day like a Lear jet! 


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