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Ok you have smelled it and observed it but now it is time to test the centrifugal and centripetal  force aka SWIRLING! 

Let's swirl. But how do I do it without looking like a kid in the candy shop?


Yes, it is! 

But don't you just hate when you want to know the right way and someone says, "There is no right way!" 

Well, here it comes! Drum roll please. 

There is no CORRECT WAY! 

Ever watch a tennis match and see all kinds of techniques out there but they all work. The same somewhat applies to swirling wine and other techniques. 

Ok but why am I doing it? 

Well, like your brain, the answer O2 aka oxygen! 

But too much of a good thing can not always be a good thing. For example, experts used to think that heavy breathing into a bag was great for asthma suffers but now the experts agree that slow and light inhaling is better with a lon exhale. Why? Well, the longer exhale (than the inhale) helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate so you naturally calm down. Before we delve further, you have just learned a way to calm yourself down when you are feeling a little tense! 

Back to the almighty oxygen! 

Oxygen is a gift and a curse with wine. Ever love a wine and leave it out after falling asleep. Not so good in the a.m.?

Similar principles apply! At the outset, oxygen is beneficial for a wine because as soon as a wine encounters oxygen, it begins to break down, which experts say is the "OPENING UP!"

As it opens, it softens and brings out the aromas! But too long, then it is "oxidized!"


Try water. Yes, that H20! Pour some of that water into a wine glass and try swirling it around to see how you can keep it in the glass without overflowing or coming too close to the top. If you are a risk taker, you may need to dial it down. If you are that measured kind of a person that literally thinks before every utterance, then you will have to be a little more of a "high roller". As in life, balance is everything. 

Swirl on! 

Here are some enticing wines to practice your swirl at home! 


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