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So when the "new normal" is coming back we don't know but when it does come back, you will know how to serve wine at a house gathering! Yes, wine at the "gathering" is the way to go because a little more class and a little more sipping means that the place will still be in place. Also, people will thank you when they are not spending their Monday morning trying to take over the whole water cooler! 


How to pull corks at your house party in the new normal. Remember social distancing and masks. Perhaps, that is for Halloween. Save on the costume and just be a wine bottle with a cork on top and a mask in the middle. Deference to you but at least we all have enough "costumes now". 

First things first, always maintain a reasonable level of responsibility and decorum! No lawyers here but you may want to check out "social host liability" in Canada and how that affects those that host and serve alcohol. 

Ok, pretty sure that got your attention. 

People love to sit at sports kinds of parties so perhaps a larger glass so they can sip on that one all game without bumping and bobbing around. You want them to be relaxed and be able to sip without thinking they have to be overly imposing! 

Always remember to serve it right like you are running a restaurant so the goods ones come back.

If you are hosting a celebration or an honouring of a special someone like a friend who has beat cancer and you are serving lots of small plates, focus on smaller glasses so they can mix and match with those cured meats and foreign cheeses! 

And remember with food to not be too "cheesy" i.e. mixed into every little delicate appetizer because some struggle with that amount of a dairy of a foreign cheese. Give the the choice and let them determine the "right mix"! 


Serve the white wine in smaller glasses. Small bowls. (Yes, not punch bowls because you are sophisticated now and you are hosting some erudite and articulate colleagues of yours!)


Red wine in large glasses.


Wider opening of the bowls in red because it allows the wine to taste smoother! 

The wider opening of the bowls in red wine glasses makes the wine taste smoother. Full-bodied red wines should be served in tall, large red wine glasses. Serve low-bodied reds n a shorter glass with a slightly rounder bowl! 


Start with the whites and end with the reds! 

We have handpicked some reds for your honoring or commemorating  a friend or loved one, who is present, and want to show your appreciation for him or her with attention to detail. 


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