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Natural wine is the movement that is not just here to stay but one that is evolving and growing at an exponential rate. In a good way that is. As always, knowledge is power and nothing like being empowered. Another bold, daring and profoundly different blog.  

But we have to keep it light. 

Light how? 

Like your new found physique in the quarantine basement! 

Saw a great few quips and thought we would share the laugh and knowledge!


 Grant Reynolds was dropping some knowledge on this point. Here is what he said, 

"Natural wines are wines which taste differently than our normal standard wine flavors. Because of that, they get a lot of attention, mostly because they’re experimental and different. They are like the sour beers of the wine world.

To sum it up: Natural wines tend to be a little cloudy in color, salty or savory in flavor, sometimes smell like things which aren’t fruit or flowers, and likely from some part of the world that surprises you there’s wine there." 


Michigan even has a natural wine. Say what? You mean that state that loves its cars and football - college that is! (Those who love the "Go Blue" will get it). 

He shared a point on it when he said, "Like, there is natural wine from Michigan…they should stick to making cars, though."  

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Here are some natural wines that you can love and they are from EUROPE. They are a little ahead of the curve when it comes to "natural wine". 

Loving the pic? Can you guess where? 

It is a vineyard with soul! 

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