How our aging improves with age - as well - like a fine...

Wine Improves with Time 

Amendments to your taste buds and production of "mouth fluid" as we "grow" or age appears to intensity or bolster the perception of aromas. 

So Perception is Reality...

Smell that? Pick up that scent.. as you age you got that smokey and peppery aromas in red wine. Of course, according to new research - we don't just say or spray it - we read it and sip it. 

Imbibe On 

The findings could lead to the development of wines that are more tailored toward specific groups of consumers. “We could diversify winemaking production to make more enjoyable wines based on consumers’ physiologies,” said Maria Ángeles del Pozo Bayón, of the Spanish Research Council’s Institute of Food Science and Research in Madrid, who led the research.

May We Be Trained 

Peppery White Wine Pasta


Shape of Your Beak and Gull

Our perception of wine is also shaped by physiological factors like the shape of our mouths or the composition of our saliva.

Got Dry Mouth? 

Sure if you are up in the NORTH! 

But why? Well composition transports and dissolves the aromatic compounds in wine, as well as transforming some of them through the actions of the enzymes it contains.


Here We Are Now - Train Us 

Although people can be trained to appreciate the subtle aromas and flavours in wine, perception of them is also linked to memories and experience.

Just Like A Prayer 

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“If we are very familiar with a smell that has an emotional connection in our mind, we will recognise that smell regardless of physical conditions,” said Federica Zanghirella, vice-president of the UK Sommelier Association, who was not involved in the research. 

We are constantly evolving 


Enzymatic Evolution 

Varying proportions of enzymes their saliva may also metabolise these molecules in different ways

Welcome to the Trap House 

Try these word in a different context - trap them - elongating the amount of time people perceive them (for or fore with the golf club on the 19th hole).

We Need More Evidence 

Whether older individuals are also more perceptive of other wine aromas needs further exploration according to Bayón. 

But What About Foods - For the Next Experiment! 

Her team is also exploring how the foods we eat might alter our saliva, and therefore our perception of wine.

Upside or Downside 

Well - it starts to not be so great when you hit the 90's. Well, if you hit that age then just be thankful...right 

Balance Is Key 

Yes, that is the spirit! 


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