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Ever had your mind running all day and you think you need some rest? Ok that happens everyday you say. But ever laid down to your new and expensive mattress but you are staring at the ceiling? You know you need to tee off early in the a.m. so you keep telling yourself to get some sleep. Well, that can lead to more adrenaline, more excitement and an inability to fall asleep. You are then struggling through the next day downing coffee like you ran through the desert (and not dessert – yes that can keep you awake if your body is digesting that heavy cake) for hours. The cycle continues and then you are just thinking about Friday night when it is Tuesday. Well, let’s cut that cycle with some deep rest with some sipping sophisticatedly!


After you have had that alpha (female, male or all the other categories we are learning about – no judgments ‘peoples’ because we don’t know someone’s history or been in their shores whether they are a size 13 male or 4 female) day, you may consider a “night cap”.

What does NIGHT CAP mean? Where did it originate?


A nightcap is a cap worn in bed to keep one’s head warm. The word is first recorded in the description and valuation, made in 1378 (yes you may have some relatives from that time period – well, we all must because we had to come from lineage), of the articles that were in the shop of Thomas Trewe, haberdasher of London: one dozen of white caps, called “nightcappes”.


The figurative use of nightcap in the sense of a hot or alcoholic drink taken before bedtime is often a jocular euphemism (for all you wordsmiths out there – euphemism is a nice way of saying a word or phrase) for something alcoholic. However, there are others that believe it may have originally arisen because a late-night drink and the donning of a nightcap were both associated with preparing to go to bed.


Yes, remember how mother always said to read each and everyday to improve your life. Well, that can help with sleep as well because your eyes (ocular – not jocular) want a rest. This is, of course, you can sleep with your eyes wide open.


Ok, we have all felt a little sleepy after having some wine. But why?


The grape skins used to make some wines contain a compound called melatonin, which is responsible for saying to your body – time to get some rest you “go getter”, “trendsetter”, “jetsetter”. You have probably heard of the “stars” taking some melatonin when they are doing their worldwide tours to get the rest so they avoid “jet lag”.


It is higher in red wines because those wines generally preserve the grape skins. But as this blog is so named (Sipping Sophisticates), you want to avoid dependency and always in moderation. It is to be sipped and to be used with a comprehensive plan and healthy lifestyle.

A little suggestion: knock out a 30 minute workout with some high intensity and then reward yourself with a warm bath and Epsom salts with a nice red. Sip it. Towel off. Get comfy. Roll into bed. Ten deep breaths with a longer exhale than inhale and you will never have to count any of those sheep. Why? Because you are wolf at heart. In order to lead and pioneer movements, you will need to be well rested.

Sip, sip and likely some left in the glass. That is a beneficial thing when it comes to sleep and longevity. You want to enjoy the golden years 

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