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Unique space in your new home (you are spending a ton of time there as you are obeying the guidance, directives, and laws) but how long does your "sit there"? In other words, how long do you leave your wine in the cellar so it is profoundly transformed? Of course, we mean in the positive sense! 

Whether it is a prohibition styled hideaway with a rotating bookcase or no nonsense style antiquated transparency. 

It is not as easy as picking a number out of a hat and being right but rather there are so many factors that lead to cellaring time:

Weather Conditions

  • the weather conditions during the vintage the grapes were picked

Date of the Grape Picking

  • the date the grapes were picked.

What Varietals Used During the Process

  • what varietal/s were used

Location,  Location, Location

  • what region the wine is from


  • what climate the wine is from (a warm or cool climate for example)

Intention of the Winery and Oenologist

  • whether the wine was meant to be consumed young or cellared

Oaked Out?

  • what type of Oak (if any) was used during maturation process 

Fermentation Techniques

  • what fermentation method was used and how long the skin contact period was


  • whether the wine was bottled under cork or stelvin closure

Aged Before Release

  • how long has the wine been aged before release

Climate for Cellaring IN

  • what climate the wine is to be cellared in

Large or Small Bottles

  • what bottle format the wine is bottled in
  • Magnums are better for cellaring 

So always consider these principles when you are deciding how long to cellar the wine. Remember that there are no stupid questions so always ask us and we an relay information that is "winery and oenologist direct"! 


Tannins, acids and sugars  in red wine alter its taste. Most red wines (are on the average market) are actually meant to be consumed when they are "fresh" and "young". So that is the presumption but remember to aerate as per our last blog on the topic! 

Until then stay classy! 


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