How fake wines are threatening the industry? Seems common sense

Common Sense is Common Sense Right? 

Yes, one would think but we are all a little guilty (but not in that sense unless you are trying to expunge the 1st quarter of your life post the child loving and adolescent phase - no judgments because we are not judges) of losing the common sense some time. Ok, maybe not you but it happens. 

Big Brands 

The "big brands" and big logo seems like common sense, right? Go with the big bling but is it? 


Like when you were erasing that 1st quarter of the life - remember that late night 'za (yes pizza) at 2 a.m. seemed smart but how did you feel after? You went with the Hut and the dominos happened. 

May We Gripe About Grapes 

Sure, we can. Freedom of expression right? Big Brands are just big on the brands and light of the "authenticity". 

Largely Upsetting 

We find branded wines upsetting on the big style - largely.

Not like this though...

Dressing It Up As a Façade

They look tres interesting but the façade is merely that - as if they have been lovingly created from a single vineyard by artisanal winemakers in small and rustic cellars

AND - Gracefully Aged 

aged gracefully in oak barrels with the attentive hand of the grower never far away.

 Victory Wine

But the Truth Is

Real talk - straight talk - industrial concoctions manufactured in massively big wineries from machine-picked grapes that come from flat irrigated vineyards and straight trickery. 

Sorcery For Halloween - NOT WINE 

Small blends as few consumers as possible sample them and they are often "mystery shoppers" that are not mysterious to the Big Brands! 

Go with the Big Band but not the big grands. Sample something different - take a walk on the wild side - out of the factory! 

Isn't that why it it called "factory made" in the most pejorative of ways!  

Hard to figure what is what with all those buildings and clouds? 


Secure Wine Online 


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