Greatest red wine songs? red red wine - stay close to me

Red Red Wine

Yes, stay close to me. You know the lyrics, right? Can you sing them all. How bout with some red wine nestled up to you and your recent Netflix binge. Shhh...we were watching - you fill in the blank. 

Love music and wine? 

Did you know that this song was originally written and performed by Neil Diamond. Yes, but what made it pop like a cork. 

Well, it was UB40. Who? Ya, it went to number one in the UK. Yes, they like a little red wine over there. When we first heard it, we thought it was a reggae singer down in the Carib by the beach. In any event, it was rereleased in 1988 and hit the Billboard Hot 100. (What the heck is that - is that iTunes?). 

Back to the reggae, look at the diversity in the picture. In fact, it was a beautiful cosmopolitan melting pot! Nice to see - let's bring back that love. 

What makes music and wine connect? 

It is a little ironic, don't you think (paying a little love to famous Canadian singer Alanis Morissette - yes two s's and two t's - had to check that!). A little emotive mezzo-soprano for some love to her with a jagged little pill that had Canadians glued to the Grammy's. 

Yes, a little ironic that it hit the Hot 100 when most like their red wine a little less warm than the whites. 

Where to purchase red wine? 

Well, here of course. We got the packs, stacks and SKU's so you can't lose! 

Loving the Blogs? 

The world is built in love. Did you know that it is easy to complain and whine but it is much harder to be sophisticated and sip wine. And you love challenges, right?

Connect today! 

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