Glass corks - why Ampeloeis Winery made the switch and why it is here to stay | Buy Wine Online | VICTORY WINE AND SPIRITS INC.

Glass corks - why Ampeloeis Winery made the switch and why it is here to stay | Buy Wine Online

Why glass corks are here to stay? (And why conventional corks are also here to stay!) 


(note: we keep it simple so you can click below but remember to read because the more knowledgeable we are, the more we can enjoy wine in a safe and responsible way!)

As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks but let's delve into why some wineries are switching to glass corks! 

They are very en vogue in Europe currently but less common in North America. As you likely know by now, Victory Wine and Spirits Inc. proudly partners with many cutting edge wineries who are at the forefront of all aspects of viticulture and oenology! (Words are a little fancy but we have another blog on it in short order but think of it just as a synonym for winemaking!) 

We digress or return to the topic at hand (no pun intended)! 


Where did they start? 

Glass corks were developed in Germany and designed to look like decanter stoppers.

How do they work? 

They achieve a tight seal by way of a plastic O-ring that allows for a snug fit between stopper and bottle.

 So why glass corks over the conventional (and yes don't feel badly if you struggle a little with opening them because we are here to help)

Distinct Advantages! 

Let's delineate and demarcate with some enumeration: 

  1. NO CORK TAINT: They cannot have cork taint (as natural or composite corks might);
  2. TIGHT SEAL: they seal tightly, so they won’t oxidize the wine prematurely (as plastic or rubber “corks” tend to do); and
  3. NO REDUCTIVE ODOURS: aren’t susceptible to funky “reductive” odors, as screw caps are (though that issue is apparently easily managed by careful sulfur use at bottling).


The environment! Of course. Corks are...wood. So you if you love your vegan and nature loving way of life, glass corks are perfect for your "reason d'etre" and you are being multi-national but sampling a European way of life 


With all these beautiful logos and glass corks from Ampeloeis, you have a wide variety to choose from. 

An elegant selection that thinks of all involved in the "food chain" (aka the "imbibing chain") 


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