"Fromage francais" wine pairings | Comté with Wine

Apologies off the top for the absence of the cedille on the letter "c" above but we digress and avoid the regress. Top french cheeses. Well, beauty and taste is in the eye and tongue of the holder of those two and one.


The surveys out there (and we are not talking about some political rigged survey where everyone is "padding" and "patting") but the most loved. 


 Often given the distinction of the fave of the fromage, Comté is a pressed cheese from Franche-Comté, near the French border with Switzerland. (Close to Roger Federer if you didn’t know!). Comté is France’s most popular AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protégée) cheese a doubled up margin to its “rival” Roquefort.

What kind of lovely animal are they are working in tandem with? 

Pressed cow's milk cheese! 

Big wheels but not like you had as a kid! Made in mammoth and massive 100-plus-pound wheels and aged for months to years, Comté can range from fruity and flexible to nutty and hard. It has that versatility!

Where is it produced?

Alpine. A 100 small cooperatives known as fruitières that manufacture these massive wheels of cheese. Working together. We like it.


Well, many different types of wines from champagne to chardonnays and even drinks like Sherry. 

There is a growing consensus that it pairs well with aged or “minerally” Chardonnays!


Not just hearing but listening. 

Are there wines from out in the global community that you would love to see us bring in so you can add it to our French cheese plate this summer. It should be clear now that we will hustle for your satisfaction. Inspiration without perspiration is just the former! 

If you are wanting us to climb the wine hierarchical ladder for your interests, we will climb that ladder for the former (your inspiration - regarding those with premium vinification).  

At your convenience, 

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