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It may be Saturday a.m. but "grapes never sleep" and we would love to be what you peep when you wake up! (after you show love to your special someone or the fam!). We could not be that audacious to think that you are grabbing the phone before you hug it out to get those "warm and fuzzies" going. But after you warm up, you are going to need to cool down at some point. 


We like to roll out with that gradual pace so we hit the crescendo at the optimal time. 

As always, we love to focus on quality and not quantity because we always want you to be satisfied with your consumption. 


Uh oh. Feeling like the anvil is weighing down and you are second guessing every move out there because you don't know where the lines are? 

Escape with a little music. Try something new. Try some new music. You are a hip hop guy but did you know that the gensis of hip-hop is from remixing old sounds, including classical, into a new kick? (If you are old enough, remember when Puff Daddy before the name was changing every couple weeks - said we invented the remix). 

Sample some classical to stimulate a new part of the braind. 

Got an ear for music better than most? Sure you do. But there is no "musical center in the brain"? You sure? 

Well, here is the authority for it: 

“A Cognitive Crescendo: How Music Affects the Brain” by Angela Hampton

There are a few basic principles regarding brain function that are necessary for understanding music’s role in shaping the brain

NEURON ACTIVATION: learning takes place when neurons are activated. The more activation, the greater the capacity for learning. Musical activity engages millions of neurons.


AINT' NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT: Second, the principle of “use it or lose it” is especially true of the brain. Learning becomes permanent when neurons make connections to other neurons. This occurs when new learning is employed.


There are windows of opportunity for many intellectual functions, including learning to play a musical instrument, learning a foreign language, building vocabulary, developing spatial skills, etc.

Hence, why you are using that Babel app to try to learn new language in your 60's and it is a little bit of a grind. Too much of a grind? Keep grinding but reward yourself with some Victory Wine! 


That is, there are optimal times in human growth and development (mostly from birth to puberty) in which the brain is equipped with a greater capacity to learn in these areas with ease; however, it is never too late to learn anything. The brain is malleable and can learn at any age.


Third, there is no musical center in the brain. Musical involvement activates more areas of the brain than any other activity. The right brain is involved in the experiential aspects; the left brain is involved with the analytical, structural elements of music; the limbic system controls the emotional response to music.

Hence, why "lefties" are often a little more creative and those right handers are all about those numbers! 

And if you are still feeling a little ho-hum, then the Sound of Music will do just the trick because it is visual and auditory. And a feel good story so you will be feeling happy. 


Well, if you want to have the right and left synchronize with some new connectivity, the red and white private labels from Victory will do just the trick! Enjoy the treat!  

We will have some blogs later in the day with what pairs well with it so you can work that kinesthetic! 

And we may be bold to recommend a little music to play in the background

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