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Home Stay Order 

And another one - uggh - well not really if you love wine and being your loved ones. Nothing like loved ones and wine - whether you are "working from home" or "enjoying retirement from home". Get the rocking chair out and sample, sip and sip again. 

Organic French Wine 🍷 

Our organic French wine is a "hot commodity in these markets" and we want to ensure you enjoy like we and others do! With Bay Street in full "ghost mode" (and no your investment advisor is still around but just at home so send he or she a case for answering your 192 calls per week checking on your 'folio)

So, we know times are tough and your favourite resto-wine-bar is just not letting you in with open arms and open doors. 

French Wine

More Than A Name 

Loving the Ex-Arena like there is nothing "ex" about it - well, here is some more info to get all senses contemporaneously activated and we quote: 

French Wine


"Ex Arena" is Latin for “From the Sand,” an homage to the terroir from which this wine originates. Located in Corneilhan about 20km from the Mediterranean and at an elevation of 40m above sea level, Ex Arena is a blend of primarily Grenache, with a small addition of Mourvedre. The average age of these vines is 35 years old. The freely draining sandy soil is deep and rocky and was once an ancient beach eons ago – a terroir that results in extremely low yields from 10–20hl/ha." 

Victory Wine


How Do I Secure It? 

Yes - you. You can secure it by checking out with our secure checkout and you can make any notes you want to the order. 

Domaine de Cebene Ex Arena French Red Wine | VICTORY

Need to clear something up via email? We got you covered - at the bottom and we are all ears and fingers for the tactile contactless dream. 


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Or love a little more antiquated way - you can just type at checkout 


Which Way? 

Domaine de Cebene Ex Arena French Red Wine | VICTORY


Yes, right here everyone 

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