French Open back in action in the Fall? New tennis balls are heavy but it is clay, right?

French Wine and French Open 

So you love wine and cheese? But who does not? But what about a glass and watching some French Open. The tennis artistry that is on display. 

Historically to the Grass of the All England from the Terre Battue 

Say what? Ok, you need to a be a little bit of a tennis dork to get that one. We will break it down. When there was no pandemic flying through the air (not quite airborne but you get the drift - there are about 3 "double entendre"  there in and open and close bracket with some mathematics and exponential growth), the tennis stars would move to the quicker courts (aka grass) of England after some tennis artistry on the clay (aka terre batue) of Roland Garros dans le Paris. Now, that we are in different times, the French Open has come after the US Open that happened without fans. 

What is the Beef about the Tennis Balls? 

Well, Rafa, who has been winning the tournament since he was like 14 and may win when he is 50 at this rate is not a fan of the new balls. Yes, they switched to Wilson from Babolat. 

But, in fairness or unfairness, Rafa has been sponsored by Babolat since he was 9 or so - so we can understand the issue. A little bit biased. 

But why he is a little perturbed about the heaviness? Well, it is a little cooler this time of the year so heavier balls mean that it is heavier conditions so a little tougher on the body. 

Two Sides to Every Coin? Some like it Hot? Some Not? 

"I practised two days at home with the ball. Now, of course, here. I'm a little bit sad because the Babolat at Roland Garros, it was my favourite ball, it was perfect," he said.

"Obviously it was the ball from my racket company. (It) was fast, was taking spin incredibly well. But the Wilson ball is good, as well. It's just a little bit slower. It gets a little bit bigger after a while."

However, Russian Daniil Medvedev, who prefers slower clay court conditions and less spin, had no complaints.

"I like the balls because, yeah, tennis is a funny and interesting sport," said the world number five, who lost to Nadal in last year's U.S. Open final.

"It's normal that when one player doesn't like something, second one maybe is going to like it. So far I like it. I think it suits me not bad."

How are you going to TIE IT TOGETHER? 

Well, yes, the "schist" of Faugeres is what the talented winemaker in Brigitte Chevalier has been able to embrace and exploit (kind of an oxymoron - but who cares when wine is this superb). 

How amazing does that look? It does not even look real. Almost wants you make to take a row boat across the Atlantic to make it over there. By invitation only obviously - for the lucky few! 

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And yes, "terre batue" is a clay tennis court that contains crushed stone, brick, shale, or other unbound mineral aggregate. 

Nothing like a tie and bow on that one. 

We are just loving the feedback that we are getting from our "grounded" loyal retail base and the hard-working and never stopping licensees on this wine.

Stay grounded our friends with this wine.

We will share some of our favourite comments from those that love it. Bluntly, we only know that love it! 

(and just FYI - the Ex Arena is on point and a great way to forget the "exes" and focus on the future!)

(and double FYI - if that is possible - don't ever tell a true winemaker from France like  ....  that you are loving that "red in the fridge" or you have played on green clay - majeure faux pas!) 

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