Fine wines and food. How to pair them? Complex | Buy Wine Online | VICTORY WINE AND SPIRITS INC.

Fine wines and food. How to pair them? Complex | Buy Wine Online

SPECIAL BOTTLE. You got but now what? How to pair it? Saving for that special someone? Special group? 

You’ve got a special bottle and you want to drink it with a meal. Yes, a little play on the words! 


But what do you cook?

You just some won the lottery or you have been living the e-commerce dream with everyone staying in so you got your bank roll on a different level of "swole". And you are uber generous so you are not doing UBER! At least, not tonight! 


And we are not talking about match dot com. No plugs here. This is fine wine, fine living and fine matching! 


Embrace the challenge! 


First things first! FINE wines are usually complex. Especially when they are aged.


Fine wines have humble confidence! No shouting! Hey don’t shout about how good they are but whisper their glories.


Think about power without precision! 

You have to make sure that what you serve with them isn’t going to overpower them and NO CLASH! 

So lay low on the modern cooking! Chefs like to show their inventiveness and are quite keen on combining strong pairings of flavours, or using ingredients that clash with wine. Fusion cuisine, for example, is not really for fine old wines.


Fail to prepare and prepare to fail! 


Know the type of wine and find a comparable. Slow and steady. 

Yes, great fine wine requires you to take all of those important steps we have discussed! 

So know all the flavours of food and what the wine has to offer, and go slowly. Sip by sip and bite by bite. 

You will continue to ingrain those memories into the almighty membranes so you will remember what pairs and be better the next time. So when it is fine wine time, it is time for you to shine.

You will be ready. And remember, nothing ventured and nothing gained! 

Let's all gain together and drop your premier tips that have withstood the test of time. 



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