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So many amazing and "goosebump worthy songs" to sip wine and drift into that nostalgia and feel that profoundly distinct and bold sensation. But which one tops it for you? Different strokes for different folks. Sure! But can we narrow them down? 

What moves you? 

What is our fave? 

Well, we got people hustling round the clock and there does not seem to be a consensus and not a bad thing. Neither is good neither bad and only thought makes it so.

Or only the auditory sensations make it so! 

Since we have a few team members who have had family that have suffered from blindness. And yes seeing a family member go blind or be blind from coming out of the womb can be very challenging and emotional. However, as we have learned, anecdotally speaking, is that other senses become more pronounced. It is certainly not fair for one to speak on the issue unless they have walked and live in those shoes but to pay homage to those have suffered from blindess, we went with none other than 


But which song you ask? 


When I'm just dream on the horizon And miss the
words Yes I know there is no light
In a room when the sun is missing
If you are not there with me, with me On the windows Show all
my heart That you have access Close inside me
The light you met on the street Chorus [Sarah Brightman] Time to say goodbye countries that I have never seen and lived with you Now I will live with you I will live With you I will share I know No, no, there are no more It's time to say goodbye [Verse 2: Andrea Bocelli] When you are far Dream on the horizon And miss the words And I know You are with me, with me You my moon you are here with me My sun you are here with me With me With me , with me, with me [Chorus: Andrea Bocelli with Sarah Brightman] Time to say goodbye countries
that I have never seen and lived with you Now I will live with
you I will leave on ships for seas Che, I know
No, no, no more With you I relive them With you I leave
On ships for
seas That, I know
No, no, no longer
exist With you I
relive them With you I will

leave [Outro: Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman]
I with you


We are all in this together. 

Let's use music to heal and to grow!  

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Here are some of our faves! 

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