Every woman loves flowers but what does bouquet mean in wine? Discount code INSIDE

Yes, you are loving your new flowers and floral perfumes that you are sporting. You are high class and loving it. 

However, when we say "bouquet" in wine - does it have the same meaning? 

It does NOT. 

But why? 

Well, you would have to go back into the Greek and Latin texts to determine how the word has evolved. Don't worry, we are not going that deep! 

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Primary definition

It is characterized as a maturing wine with secondary characteristics; other than primary fruit scents.

Secondary Definition 

Describe the non grape or berry aromas a mature wine displays.

Oh my, I never knew that! 

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Yes, clap for our evolution in life and wine. Next time, you are searching for a wine, make sure to ask for one that has complex notes 

Because many refer to "bouquet" as complex scents and smells developed during the wine's natural aging process.  It is also used to refer to the smell of a wine that has been aged in oak barrels. 


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