Ethics at a Premium To Maintain The Premium Spot

 Step Back Brings a Critical Eye 

Voting with your phone? Well - we are not touching that one but meaning with the old "walletto" and "stilettos"

Consumers are using and prioritizing bars and other venues that take meaningful steps to address racism, sexism and other workplace inequalities.

Freedom of Speech

They exercise their constitutional rights and drop that freedom of speech that can lead to a drop in value - whether deserved or not. So, is it making us better? 

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Well more accountability and transparency across the board should always be a good thing if we are doing it the right way. Certainly, there is some animus out there and malice that can lead to undeserved negativity but addressing back on the same forum can show courage under fire. 


Forced Step Back 

“A forced step back has given a lot of people a critical eye. It’s about how to distribute systemic power in a way that’s more equitable.”—John deBary, Restaurant Workers’ Community Association  

Addressing Inequalities 

Get a professional and you get what you pay for. Hire that lawyer one time so you are not paying 40 more times and getting posts on some legal website like you are a hot Instagram post. 

We are proud to partner with restaurants and wine bars that are on top of these issues and stay sensitive. 

The same is applicable to the questions we are receiving on the retail side and we always keep it confidential but, speaking generally - we are noticing a sharp trend upward in knowing the winemakers' story, their reputation, and how they treat their workers. 

A great wine but bad ethics will steer them away for good. 

Never thought you would see the day? Well, those days are here and near to our heart so any questions you got, we answer. Trust is a must! 

So Buck the Trend if it needs to be more inline with your aligned values. Just ask Rosa Parks - and now look where we are because of her! 

The Importance of Staying On Top of Issues  

Consumers seek brands with environmentally friendly production methods and marketing that’s mindful of inclusivity and diversity. “Otherwise known as doing the right thing,” says Victoria.

Not So Peachy and A Little Preachy 

Well - guilty as charged - but more in the sense of constant reminders to ourselves so it remains habitual. We can't just have it in our mind for a month (like a Black History Month) as it has to be year round. 

We can just say "fair trade" and "certified organic" and then cut corners - unless it is a rush to get you the order before the Friday evening stay at home soiree - then we all "cut a corner" and take the fastest route so we arrive in time so you can imbibe the ethical wine. 

Certified Organic Is Here To Stay - Flow With That Trend 



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