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Remember the phrase "Dry January" 

Well things are different in these times and Happy New Year by the way. We have a blossoming and burgeoning growth with our "retail friends' while the pandemic has everyone staying pat. You have got us coordinating to all kinds of locations across our great province so it is always customers' first but with a holiday, we can quench your reading thirst. 

Buy Wine Online 

Yes, buying wine online is becoming more prevalent and many thanks to our retail return customers as opposed to "recurring transactions" - no dice there because we let you decide and be liberated at all times. Don't you just hate that when you see something pop up on your credit card and you have no idea where that came from? Yes - us too which is why we love the freedom we have and you have. Whenever you are ready, we are ready for you! 

Dispelling Historical Notions 

Yes, it used to be that many people were loving those Christmas (ahem -holiday parties because political correctness is the name of the game) parties for their company, their significant other's party and then a friend's party (that you clearly invited yourself) but then also loving when January 1st hit (or more like January 2nd depending on that second and third pulse in the cranium) and just "Netflix and chill". 

But those days are not here so you have been sipping at home and not getting caught up in the "hoopla". Yes, you are not bouncing around with sensory overload but digesting and resting with the sip and then thinking before the next sip. Don't you feel better? 


Yes, staying sophisticated with sips should be the norm so remember when they say to look at the glass half-full - well now you can actually see the volume in the glass and it is literally half-full. 

Mulling what to do next? 

Well, it is jurisdictionally governed so we are not handing out advice so defer to you and your knowledge. 

Well, if you are going to keep this sophisticated way of sipping with loved ones, then we got some wines for you that are retail sector is loving while the restaurants and wine bars brave the storm until the V-day arrives for all (yes not a vendetta but vaccinations all the way across the nation). 

Victory Wine

We can't keep up with the yo-yo so it is just a matter of "waking me up before you go-go" so you can enjoy and sip slow.  

Onward and Upward 

Victory Wine

If you are loving the new you and have not had to spend hours thinking of a New Year's resolution, then keep resolving to stay organic with the certified organic wines from Cebene. 

Live close to the Earth with your organic and minerality nature 

Victory Wine

Stay Sippin' in the Most Sophisticated Way 

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