Does red wine help with gout? Better than beer? French Wine Online

Wine Better Than Beer 

For most, the answer is yes and especially if you are drinking red wine. Save your wealth and your health. 

How to help with Gout? 

Well, what is it off the cuff? Gout is effectively a painful form of arthritis where uric acid builds up in the joints. You are either producing too much of it or not flushing it. 


Purines are naturally occurring chemicals that your body breaks down into uric acid. Not so pure! 

So if you are consuming too many purines, slow up on it! 

Healthy first like this:

1. Shed some of those LBS! 

2. Avoid fructose - yes that high sugar pop is not helping you pop off!

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3. Avoid certain foods - shellfish and sweetbreads. Lay low on the brisket and that "shoulder cut"! 

4. Kale it up with vegetables - 

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The more biodynamic and natural wines tend to have less purines so keep it to these French wines! 

This latest selection is only for those sophisticated sippers that have been yearning to make it over to this historic region but need to be on "pandemic wine couch alert!"

In the Clear 

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