Denoted as the No1 uprising winery of Southern France | Domaine de Cebene

Best Winery in Southern France 

It ain't even a question. Rising faster than a meteorite (a little ode to the minerality of the region that we discuss infra). 

Ex Arena - Why It So Loved? 

Best Grenaches in the World! Hands down! 

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What is Grenache For the "Young Sippers"? 

Red-wine grape grown extensively in France, Spain, Australia and the United States.

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It is particularly versatile both in the vineyard and the winery, which may explain why it is one of the most widely distributed grapes in the world.


Grenache is the French (and most internationally recognized) name for the grape, but it has a number of synonyms. 

Diamonds are Forever 

And this Ex Arena is one of her diamonds and certainly "not in the rough!" 

Tasting Notes for the Ex Arena?  

  1. MID: It has medium purple color.
  2. PRIMARY: Red fruits such as strawberry, cherry, sour cherry, and framboise dominate the nose.
  3. COMPLEMENTS: Notes of butter, vanilla, allspice and green pepper complement the aromatic bouquet.
  4. PALATE: it has medium body, crisp acidity, and mellow tannins. Cherry, strawberry, framboise, plum, tea leaves, mixed peppercorns, and raspberry make up a rich tapestry.
  5. LASTING SENSATIONS: Enjoyable, long-lasting tea aftertaste.

What does the Ex-Arena Pair Well With? 

Many love a slow cooked organic pork with some sun dried tomatoes! 

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