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We get it. All of these rules are becoming too much. Well, we have to operate within the rules as well when distributing our fines wines to your fine tastes! We know that a case can be a little much for some who are rolling solo or have a ton of friends who are bettering themselves by being in AA! 

Remember that the consumption of alcohol is highly influenced by our genetic makeup. Some simply cannot sip and it is best that they focus on bettering themselves and not waking up every odd (or odd and even day) with the feeling that cotton balls are in their mouth and/or they have a second heartbeat coming from the old noggin. 

So if you cannot enjoy responsibly, alcohol can be used in some DIY fun without oral consumption! 


In India, wine is often used in spa facial treatments! Why?  Antioxidants do a body good!  Remember, Teri Hatcher!? Yes, she pours a glass of red wine into her bath water.


Wine expedite the healing of bruises. Once thought to be an old wives' tale, it is now known that the antioxidants that help soften our skin are also beneficial in treating bruises. 


Missing the taste of wine or have some leftover that you want to use for good! Wine jelly. Goes beautiful on certain types of meat like pork tenderloin or even a chutney if you are rolling in the vegan space! 


Fabric Dye. Enough said! Well, a little more. Pay some homage to your "cool dad and mom" who lived that hippie dream for a while! 


Sample these red wines if you are considering any or the above. Again, just suggestions so remember to follow a recipe or DIY post (which is on that first page of Google - not 19 pages down with someone having a little much time on their hands - ahh don't we all!). 

Well, actually, thanks to our loyal following you are keeping us busy and remember to order early in the day so we can fulfill your orders early in the day so our great driving partners can obtain those cases from the friendly LCBO staff who are following the social distancing rules to a tee (no pun intended with the t-shirt comment!). 


We have highlighted our red wines for you so you can enjoy morphing into a high level home chef for your special someone! 

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