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Ok, we all get a little lazy with our grammar in this day and age with all the quick texting and changing the word "you" to "u" and "capitalization" has gone by the way side. It is all about the message, right? Whatever works and new words and styles are always coming about. 

But what about "CHAPITALIZATION". 

Yes, we have all heard the expression, a "good ole chap"! 

We all know that "chapped lips" feeling. Isn't that the worst when your lips are dry and "unkissable" and you keep licking them trying to get some moisture. Yes, hydrate even when you are sipping in the sun. A little hack is adding a little lemon or lime to the water to make it more alkaline and promote the good type of salivation in the mouth. And yes lips are "skin" so exfoliate away. Clean brush - of course.

Ok, let's brush off the rest of this topic so you know what you are sipping whether you are in a capital city or enjoying some time out of the city in the rural. 


Addition with the almighty sugar.

But when? 

Prior or during fermentation. 

But why? 

Boost sugar level in those "under-ripe gripes". 

What is the effect?

Facilitates the fermentation process for sweeter and fatter wines.


Yes, we all know that those naturally occurring sugars in kale and mango are cool but too much processed sugar then you are just adding empty calories to the "gas tank". 


We focus (no judgments above) on the natural and biodynamic wine without the need to add sugars. We want you to stay fresh and hydrated and working with nature and not against it. Of course, science plays a role and the "human factor" needs to be there but it is about what type of "human intervention". 

Let's all be conscious about what we put into our body because we are what we eat and drink, right? And what we read!  

And we are all guilty of the occasional indulgence and know the effect of "sweets" and packing on some of the "pounds" with "fatter wines". But if we don't know what is in the bottle, then it is hard to move in the right direction with a "lighter soul". 

If we all live a little more naturally and organically, we all be healthier and happier on a go forward basis. No time like the present. So, let's turn the page onto the next chapter with knowledge and laughter. Hopefully, this brought a smile and remember that laughter burns those lbs as well! 

Our coveted French wine is almost here in Cebene and it is "CERTIFIED ORGANIC"! Yes, not just a "claim" but certified by the highest level of governmental body in France. 

Stay flexible and natural with us! 


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